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About Dr. LESLEY J. R. ENNS, C.Psych.

Dr. Lesley Enns holds a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in Clinical Psychology from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has been registered as a psychologist in Manitoba since 1994, with Clinical Psychology as her area of competence recognized by the provincial regulatory body, the Psychological Association of Manitoba (P.A.M.). The “C.Psych.” professional designation indicates her registration/certification as a psychologist with P.A.M.


Dr. Lesley Enns has more than ten years of graduate school training in psychology and more than twenty-five years of experience as a registered psychologist, working with a wide range of individuals, couples, and families, as well as organizations. Although she primarily works with individuals and couples, she also provides services to organizations, for the purpose of helping their clients or employees. Her consultation to organizations involves the application of evidence-based knowledge and professional techniques of psychology in these organizational settings.


Dr. Enns is listed in the Canadian Register of Health Service Psychologists (Manitoba Section). In the past, she has trained or worked at a mental health centre, a university counselling and development centre, a school division guidance clinic, and the psychiatric department of a general hospital. She completed her doctoral Clinical Psychology Internship at the University of Manitoba, Department of Clinical Health Psychology.


Currently, Dr. Lesley Enns provides psychological assessment, psychological therapy, and consultation primarily to adults. She also provides therapy to adolescents who are at least fourteen years of age, and psychological assessment to individuals from six years of age to senior adulthood.


Dr. Lesley Enns has, through therapy, consultation, and assessment, helped her clients deal with a wide variety of issues in both their personal lives and careers. She has helped her clients through services such as:

Assessments of cognitive and intellectual functioning

Assessments of learning disabilities, attention-deficit/hyperactivity, autism, and academic skills

Assessment and counselling to improve learning strategies and coping with learning disabilities and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Assessments to determine eligibility for disability funding or services

Assessments and therapy for personality traits, mental health, behaviour patterns, and stress

Vocational assessments and counselling

Assessment and consultation concerning vocational rehabilitation, hiring, promotion, and career development

Dr. Lesley Enns makes use of a variety of therapeutic strategies, including an integration of different therapies, with her clients. The therapeutic approach which is used depends upon the challenges which her clients are experiencing and on their level of comfort with different therapeutic approaches. Most often the therapy provided by Dr. Enns will involve a combination of cognitive-behavioural and emotion-focussed techniques, with other approaches used when they are likely to be the most helpful to her clients.


Dr. Lesley Enns has helped her clients with problems such as:

Traumatic and post-traumatic stress

Stress management, health habits, and wellness

Parenting skills

Marital/relationship conflict

Issues unique to women

Grief and loss

Depression and mood swings

Chronic pain

Anxiety and panic

Anger management

Dr. Lesley Enns has a particular interest in helping professional women who are juggling the dual challenges of their careers and personal lives. She is also interested in providing learning disability assessment, vocational assessment, career planning, and individual psychotherapy to help her clients increase their day-to-day effectiveness and psychological well-being.


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