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Vocational Assessment and Counselling in Winnipeg

ENNS, ENNS, AFFILIATES, REGISTERED PSYCHOLOGISTS provides vocational assessment, consultation, counselling, and coaching (career & executive) in Winnipeg. Our vocational assessments typically focus on one or more important career-related dimensions, depending on the needs and choices of our clients. These may include:

Vocational aptitudes, learning abilities, and academic skills

Vocational rehabilitation strengths and challenges

Vocational/career interests

Career values

Style-of-work preferences

Personality patterns

Mental health

Specialized skills

Our vocational assessments are designed to help our clients learn about their unique strengths and challenges, as well as to identify educational programs and careers which are a good fit for their abilities, interests and goals in life. Through our assessments, counselling, coaching, and consultation, we aim at assisting our clients in moving forward in their work lives and in achieving success in their careers. Our consultation, coaching, and counselling can be useful to clients in managing complicated work situations, improving performance, and in coping effectively with work-related stress. Our professional skills can be helpful to clients in a variety of circumstances, including returning to work after an injury or illness, making a transition to a new training program or job, or dealing with a particularly complicated work situation.


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Vocational Assessments and More

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