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Relationship Counselling in winnipeg

If you are looking for relationship counselling for yourself, a family member, a client or an employee, ENNS, ENNS, AFFILIATES, REGISTERED PSYCHOLOGISTS may be able to be of assistance. Relationship counselling usually involves marital couples/relationship partners, or two or more members of a family or group.

Marital Couples/Relationship Partners

Two or more members of the same family or group

When we engage in relationship counselling with two or more individuals, our goal is treat each of them equally and fairly, respecting their psychological boundaries and their individual rights and needs.


We are trained and experienced in a range of psychological approaches to improving interpersonal relationships. We aim to use techniques which our clients will find helpful and comfortable. Over the years, we have found that evidence-based relationship therapy approaches, such as cognitive-behavioural therapy, are effective. We have found the couple/relationship approach of psychologist Dr. John Gottman to be especially helpful with our clients.


In relationship counselling, we work towards helping our clients understand each other better, communicate more constructively, address their areas of conflict, and enhance their relationship.


Contact us to inquire about making an appointment for relationship counselling.


Need Relationship Counselling in Winnipeg?

We are registered psychologists with affiliated practices.

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