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Psychological Assessment in Winnipeg

Are you looking for psychological assessment in Winnipeg for yourself or someone else, perhaps a family member, client, or employee? If so, ENNS, ENNS, AFFILIATES, REGISTERED PSYCHOLOGISTS may be able to help. Our goal is to assist our clients in gaining a better understanding of themselves through talk therapy or through formal psychological assessments. A psychological assessment and follow-up consultation and counselling can help our clients to improve the effectiveness of their day-to-day functioning and their psychological wellbeing. If you are interested in considering a formal psychological assessment for yourself or someone else, we would be pleased to discuss the options which are available and come to an agreement with the purpose, scope, and potential cost of the assessment. Our formal assessments may include the psychometric testing of:

Cognitive and intellectual functioning

Learning disabilities, attention-deficit/hyperactivity, and academic skills

Personality, mental health, behaviour patterns, and parental capacity

Qualification for disability services or funding

Trauma and post-traumatic stress

Vocational and career interests, values, and aptitudes

Vocational rehabilitation strengths and challenges

Human resource factors important for hiring, promotion, career recovery, career development, and career transition

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A Step Towards Reaching Life Goals

Whatever their personal or vocational situations, we believe our clients have the potential to work towards becoming more effective and more fulfilled in their lives. We have helped many people in the past and welcome the opportunity to help many more in the future.


Psychological Assessment

We may be able to help.

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